"Our goal is to provide quality
service at a reasonable price!"


       Sea Enterprise will design a system using professional products that will achieve maximum results and provide years of satisfaction and reliability for you, the customer. Once installed or serviced, Sea Enterprise is committed to maintaining your system at owner request Adjustments and repairs are made if necessary. We offer low cost estimates and reliable service for any problems or questions.

We specialize in the precise and detailed installation of systems to meet the demands of your property. Prior to installation, local utilities are notified in advance to locate any underground utilities to ensure that no damage or interference takes place during the project. For the proper accurate design of your irrigation system we collect specific data such as: the water meter's location, available water pressure, and the general layout of your yard (such as plants, flowers, trees, etc.). Sea Enterprise is experienced in the quality processes of all installations while providing three to five year warranties on all parts and labor.

Standard Package
$895.00 per zone
Plus Package
$900.00 per zone
Fully Loaded Package
$950.00 per zone
Includes: Includes: Includes:
• 075 DVF electric remote • 100 DVF electric remote • 100 DVF electric remote
• Control valve (w/o flow control) • Control valve with pressure assist flow mechanism • Control valve with precise flow adjust and manual external bleed and shut off
• Inline drain valve • Accessible blowout drain valve • Quick coupling blowout drain valve
• 3/4" pipe main - 3/4" lateral • 1 inch pipe main - 3/4 lateral • 1 inch pipe main - 1 inch lateral
• 3/4" Back flow assembly  • Back flow assembly included • Back flow assembly and initial inspection included
• 3 year warranty • 3 year warranty • 5 year warranty
• Indoor water budgeting progrmammable clock • Indoor / outdoorwater budgeting progrmammable clock • Indoor/Outdoor water budgeting programmable clock
• Auto off rain sensor • Auto off rain sensor
• Multiple number start programs

 Note: A minimum of two zones are required for any package.
* A zone is an area to be watered by the sprinklers heads that are connected to one valve.

For the services mentioned below there is a trip cost of $40.00 and a hourly cost of $68.00. The $40.00 will be apply to the service if Sea-enterprise does the work
Each year it is essential to blow-out your system to prepare for the upcoming cold and freezing weather. Damage will occur to the irrigation system if this procedure is not done. Sea-Enterprise will schedule this appointment with you in advance. This procedure will turn off your clock and prepare the system for the winter season.
Every spring, upon owner request Sea-enterprise will schedule an appointment to turn your sprinklers on for the season. Adjustments, review and investigations of the precise operating irrigation system are made at this time. Clocks are reset and programmed for the appropriate schedules for the spring. Repairs will be addressed as needed.
Existing systems may require to be expanded or updated to suit your yard's needs and changes. Sea-enterprise will examine these options for you and assist with any additions or changes which may arise. This includes systems that Sea Enterprise did not originally install.
Sea-Enterprise plan for your system to run trouble-free, however, unplanned cracks or leaks may occur. These events are not uncommon and may happen at random. Please call us so that we may efficiently diagnose the problem and discuss all available options.
Warranties are based according to what package you choose (3 year warranty for the Standard & Plus Package and a 5 year warranty for the Fully Loaded Package). During the warranty period, we will repair or replace, at our option, any part found to be defective. PART ONLY

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